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About Hotel Regent Marine Jeju

Welcome to Hotel RegentMarine Jeju, which is full of moments that will be remembered as a beautiful memory of your trip to Jeju just by staying at the hotel!

Hotel RegentMarine Jeju contains the value of reasonable and dignified stay for you who love Jeju and know the importance of moments outside of your daily routine.

The best location conditions that attract both the wide blue sea and the warm yet dignified figure of Mt. Halla in the distance beyond Tapdong Square in Jeju open a special time only available in Hotel Regent Marine Jeju.

It is a place where your trip to Jeju, where you have found freedom of life after leaving your tired time behind in your daily life with richer memories. Hotel Regent Marine Jeju will be a precious place where the memories of Jeju that you will make are piled up one after another.