Privacy Policy

Article 1 – General provisions

Hotel RegentMarine Jeju attaches the utmost importance to privacy and personal data protection. We do everything possible to protect the personal data you provide to us while using our services. As such, we observe all Korean legal regulations regarding the protection of personal data by communication service providers and all personal data protection guidelines issued by the Ministry of Information and Communication. We inform you as to how we use the personal data you provide and the measures we take to protect it as part of our personal data protection policy.

By providing details of our personal data protection policy on the first page of our website, we aim to make this information easily accessible for all of our users.

Hotel RegentMarine Jeju’s personal data protection policy is subject to occasional change in accordance with changes in laws, government guidelines or internal company guidelines. When our policy is amended, we will immediately provide notification of this via our website, including details such as the date from which the change(s) come into effect, making them as clear and easily comprehensible as possible. Please be sure to check our website regularly for changes.

Article 2 – Why we collect and use personal data

You can use Hotel RegentMarine Jeju’s website at any time without registering as a user.

We collect personally identifiable data from you in order to improve the quality of personalized services and other services that we provide. We will never disclose your personal data to other parties without first seeking and obtaining your approval.

Article 3 – Data we collect and use

When developing new services or expanding content, Hotel RegentMarine Jeju may use personal data provided by users in order to determine more effectively which services should be developed as a matter of priority and to make rational decisions on the kinds of content required by users. The data we collect and the ways in which we use it are as follows.

  • The essential personal data collected by our customer center includes customer name and phone number. We use this information to ensure smooth communication with the customer.
  • The essential personal data we collect for Reservation/Inquiry request includes customer name, email address and phone number. We use this data in order to provide the best possible reservation service.

Article 4 – How we share the data we collect

We only use the data we collect within the bounds described above in “Article 3 – Data we collect and use.” We do not use data collected for any other purpose without obtaining your permission in advance, and we do not disclose your personal data to any outside party as a matter of principle. Exceptions are made in the following cases, however;

  • When we make the judgment, in good will, that the law necessitates such disclosure (for example, if a governmental body follows proper legal procedures necessary to obtain your data).
  • When laws or administrative measures demand the provision of personal data (for example, if a governmental body follows proper legal procedures necessary to obtain your data).

Article 5 – Use of cookies

Our website uses “”cookie”” technology in order to provide useful and appropriate services. Cookies are encrypted strings of text that a website stores on your computer. Cookies identify your computer but not you yourself. We use cookies to determine how our visitors use each of our services and our website itself, and the number of visitors we have. You can choose whether or not to use cookies when visiting our website.

The settings options on your web browser will allow you to permit the saving of all cookies, to check each individual cookie before it is saved, or to refuse all cookies.

Article 6 – Viewing and amending your personal information

If you wish to view or amend your personal information, please contact our administrator by mail, telephone or email. We will deal with your inquiry immediately.

Article 7 – Period of retention and use of personal data

We only collect and use your personal data for the purposes described above in “Article 3 – Data we collect and use.” We destroy all personal data collected once it has been used for these purposes. When data is required for consumer-related laws or other relevant laws, however, we retain it until it is no longer needed for these purposes. Once this is the case, we will delete or destroy all of our records of your personal data.

We store your data securely while we use it to provide relevant services and only use it for purposes relevant to the reason for its collection.

Article 8 – Withdrawal of consent

You may withdraw your agreement for us to collect and use your personal data at any time. If you wish to withdraw consent, please contact our personal data administrator by mail, telephone or email using the contact details below. We will deal with your request immediately and destroy our records of your data.

Article 9 – Personal data management

In order to improve the services it provides, Hotel RegentMarine Jeju may entrust the personal data provided by its customers to third parties.

Whenever this occurs, Hotel RegentMarine Jeju provides prior notification to its customers. It uses written contracts to clearly stipulate to such third parties the strict observance of personal data protection measures, the protection of confidentiality, the banning of sharing such information with further parties and the allocation of responsibility in case of negligence or mishap. The content of any such contracts will be stored either in paper form or electronically.

Article 10 – Gathering opinions and processing complaints regarding personal data

We endeavor to collect your opinions and offer channels for complaints regarding our personal data collection. Please contact our Director of Sales & Marketing, who is responsible for personal data management, by email or telephone using the contact details listed below. You may also send complaints to the hotel’s email address, We will do our best to provide rapid and comprehensive responses. If you require further advice on, or need to report, other instances of privacy violation regarding personal data, please contact one of the organizations listed below.

Korea Internet Security Agency ( / 118)
Cybercrime Investigation Division, Supreme Prosecutors’ Office ( / +82 2 3480 2337)
National Police Agency Cyber Bureau ( / 182)

Article 11 – Personal data administrator

  • Name: Inhyung Lee
  • Position: General Director
  • Tel: +82-64-717-5000
  • Email:
  • Hotel RegentMarine Jeju
  • Tel: +82-64-717-5000
  • Email:

Date of policy amendment: February 1, 2016